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Blue Coloured Glasses   

Blue (Thyroid/ Throat Chakra) suggests spirituality and order. Those who wear it reflect
a wish for peace and quiet, tranquility and even solitude.

Yellow Coloured Glasses

Yellow (Heart/ Cardiac Chakra) – encourages open-mindedness and and attention to
detail. It generates positive and optimistic qualities in those who wear it.

Green Coloured Glasses

Green (Heart/ Cardiac Chakra) – creates colour creates calm, soothing and balancing
atmospheres. It tends to create harmony and equilibrium.

Violet Coloured Glasses

Violet (Brow/ Third Eye Chakra) – Wearing violet generates the feeling of self respect
and dignity. It has creative and spiritual qualities.

Indigo Coloured Glass

Indigo – has the highest positive vibration. It combines reason with intuition and
discipline with creativity.

Turquoise Coloured Glass

Turquoise (Thymus Chakra) – It stimulates a quite, refreshing personality. It helps to
clear all your thoughts and feelings, generating clarity in your communications.

Magenta Coloured Glass

Magenta (Crown/ Pineal Chakra) – wearing this colour generates feelings of softness,
gentleness and kindness. It creates feelings of love and compassion.

Red Coloured Glass

Red (Base/ Sacral Chakra) – makes you feel more energetic, outgoing and ready to move
in some overt way. It helps to motivate fire ad passion, ferocity and strength. It also
denotes a strong sexuality.

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    Blue, Combo of 9, Indigo, Magenta, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Violet, Yellow

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